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 Keyboard Extension Privacy Policy

When you're using this keyboard extension, your privacy is 100% safe. It's as simple as that.

We don't know who you are or where you are or what you type. We don't know anything becuase we never collected anything from the keyboard extension.

When you enable Full Access, an alert pops up. We understand that it's a scary alert. But as stated above, we don't collect any information you type. We ask for "Full Access" becuase it's a technical requirement for any (i.e., not just ours) third-party emoji keyboard extension to work properly: Only Full Access allows the operation of copying the selected image (emoji) into the device's clipboard. When Full Access is disabled, the keyboard will be blocked for copying images so you cannot paste anything in your texting screen. See Apple's documentation: under "RequestsOpenAccess" (4th bullted point at the bottom of the document). You can also browse the App Store, get other third-party emoji keyboards and see how they all require Full Access.

Like most apps and webstes, we may collect anonymous usage statistics, such as the total amount of people that are using the app on a given day/week/month. We may also collect anonymous crash reports that will help us fix bugs.

October 4 2018

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